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Changes to the availability of some songs

Due to changes in PRS licensing certain songs will no longer be available as karaoke versions with on-screen lyrics for purchase by download.

As things currently stand as of 1ST JULY many titles will only be available as audio only (no lyrics on screen or video accompaniment) for download purchase. Custom burn disc orders are unaffected to date meaning you can still order ALL titles with or without on-screen lyrics on CD, DVD etc.

Although we are still waiting to receive a definite list, we understand that the new restriction will apply to works written by these composers. As these composers often write for the original artists listed here many of the songs they have made famous will be amongst those affected.

Restricted Composers

Anderson, Jon
Howe, Steve James
Andersson, Benny Goran Bror
Ulvaeus, Bjoern K.anderson Stig
Adkins, Adele
Anzilotti, Luca
Muenzing, Michael
Apple Publishing Ltd
White, Barry
Armstrong, Billie Joe
Wright Iii, Frank Edwin
Pritchard, Mike Ryan
Nilsson, Harry Edward
Bacharach, Burt F
Ballard, Glen
Matthew, David
Bass, Jeff
Bellamy, Matthew James
Lange, Mutt
Bevan, Jack William
Gervers, Walter James Morrison
Philippakis, Yannis Barnabas Emanuel
Smith, James Andrew
Congrave, Edward
Bourdon, Robert G
Delson, Bradford Philip
Hahn, Joseph
Hahn, Joseph
Bennington, Chester
Brel, Jacques Roman
Buck, Peter Lawrence
Mills, Michael E.
Stipe, Michael J.
Berry, William
Byrne, David
Carlile, Brandi M.
Russell, Brenda Gordon
Carter, Shawn C.
Child, Desmond
Sambora, Richard S
Bon, Jovi Jon
Carlsson, Andreas Michael
Clayton, Adam
Evans, Dave
Hewson, Paul David
Lanois, Daniel Roland
Mullen, Larry
Cutler, Scott Michael
Dylan, Jakob
Flowers, Brandon
Keuning, Dave
Stoermer, Mark
Foster, Amy Skylark
Frey, Glenn Lewis
Felder, Don
Meisner, Randy
Leadon, Bernie
Costello, Elvis
Gadhia, Sameer
Cannata, Eric Matthew
Tilley, Jacob John
Comtois, Francois Paul
Doostzadeh, Payam Reza
Gershwin, George
Gershwin, Ira
Gibb, Barry Alan
Goldwasser, Benjamin Nicholas Huner
Vanwyngarden, Andrew Wells
Greenfield, Howard
Grohl, David Eric
Ham, Peter William
Hamilton, Priscilla Renea
Harris, Stephen
Smith, Adrian
Gers, Janick
Dickinson, Bruce
Johnson, Jack
Hart, Angie
Austin, Simon Sean Nicholas David
Hector, Wayne Anthony
Henley, Don
Hetfield, James Alan
Ulrich, Lars
Hammett, Kirk L
Horner, James
Imbruglia, Natalie
Jones, Daniel
Hayes, Darren Stanley
Knopfler, Mark
Kroeger, Chad
Kruspe, Richard
Lindemann, Till
Riedel, Oliver
Schneider, Christoph, Doom
Lorenz, Christian
Landers, Philip
Leto, Jared
Lewis, Donna
Lewis, Huey
Ciccone, Madonna Louise
Ndegeocello, Meshell
Martin, Kevin Colin
Klett, Peter Andrew
Mercado, Scott
Martin, Bardi David
Krusen, David
Morris, Stephen Paul David
Hook, Peter
Sumner, Bernard
Gilbert, Gillian Lesley
Morrison, Van
Mumford, Marcus Oliver Johnstone
Dwane, Edward James Milton
Lovett, Benjamin Walter David
Marshall, Winston Aubrey Aladar
Nelson, Prince Rogers
Newman, Randy
Ocasek, Rick
Page, James Patrick
Plant, Robert Anthony
Jones, John Paul
Bonham, John
Perry, Katy
Preven, Anne
Ramone, Johnny
Ramone, Joey
Ramone, Dee Dee
Hansard, Glen James
Irglova, Marketa
Rice, Damien George
Rogers, Evan A.
Sater, Steven Edward
Sedaka, Neil
Sondheim, Stephen
Stephens, Lascelles
Stewart, David
Lennox, Annie
Stills, Stephen
Strummer, Joe
Jones, Mick
Headon, Topper
Simons, Paul
Berryman, Guy
Buckland, Jonathan
Champion, William
Martin, Christoper
Sturken, Carl Allen
Lamm, Robert
Isaak, Chris
Aguilera, Christina
Tankian, Serj
Tempchin, Jack
Temperton, Rod
Thompson, Linda
Tillis, Pam
Tillis, Pamela Y
Timberlake, R Justin
Van Halen, Edward
Van Halen, Alex
Anthony, Michael
Hagar, Sammy
Vega, Suzanne
Waits, Tom
Waters, Roger
Weiss, Donna
Weller, Paul
Williams, Hayley Nichole
Farro, Joshua Neil
Simon, Paul
Williams, John
Williams, John
Winwood, Steve
Yarrow, Peter
Yorke, Thomas Edward
Greenwood, Jonathan Richard Guy
Greenwood, Colin Charles
O'brien, Edward John
Selway, Philip James

Affected Artists

30 Seconds To Mars
Amy Foster
Anne Preven
Apple Publishing
Barry White
Bee Gees
Bon Jovi
Brandi Carlile
Brenda Russell
Burt Bacharach
Carl Sturken
Chris Isaak
Christina Aguilera
Damien Rice
David Byrne
David Matthews Band
Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler
Don Henley
Donna Lewis
Donna Weiss
Elvis Costello
Evan Rogers
Foo Fighters
George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin
Green Day
Harry Nilsson
Howard Greenfield
Huey Lewis
Iron Maiden
Jack Johnson
Jack Tempchin
Jacques Brel
James Horner
Jeff Bass
John Williams
Justin Timberlake
Katy Perry
Lascelles Stephens
Led Zepplin
Linda Thompson
Linkin Park
Me’shell N’degeocello
Mumford & Sons
Mutt Lange
Natalie Imbruglia
Neil Sedaka
New Order
Pamela Tillis
Paul Simon
Paul Weller
Pete Ham (Apple Publishing)
Peter Yarrow
Pink Floyd
Priscilla Renea
Randy Newman
Rod Temperton
Savage Garden
Scott Cutler
Stephen Sondheim
Stephen Stills
Steve Winwood
Steven Sater
Suzanne Vega
System Of A Down
The Cars
The Ramones
The Swell Season
Tom Waits
Van Halen
Van Morrison
Van Morrison
Wayne Hector
Young The Giant



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