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Here we hope to answer any questions you may have about our service or our website. Simply click on a question to view the answer. If you have any further queries please click here to ask us a question! If the answer you are looking for is not here you may wish to read SBI's Guide To Karaoke - an ongoing project where we will try to explain everything you would ever want to know!

General Questions

SBI Karaoke Online Shop sells custom karaoke discs and karaoke files for download. You are able to choose from SBI's vast backing track catalogue, along with titles from various other labels. Every track is available with on-screen lyrics (words) to help you sing along. Once you have selected at least 5 tracks, you can then select the format you would like to receive the songs in. We can supply a disc in DVD or CD+G format or MP3+G files to download to your computer (see below for more about formats). You then make payment via our secure online system. If you are interested in our tracks for any other use, you may wish to visit our other websites at

Yes – each track will play the backing music for you to sing over the top of and on the screen the lyrics will show and change over time to indicate what you should be singing. The only real difference with our discs is that you can choose which tracks you want in your order instead of having to buy a single disc which might contain tracks you will never use.

Yes of course. We will always try to add customer recommendations when possible. To make a suggestion please log in to the site (register an account if you do not already have one) and you'll see a link in the top menu to "Suggest a song".

CDG, also known as CD+G or CD+Graphics, is a Karaoke CD song format. CDG music, when played on a CDG (CD+Graphics) compatible player, will display the words to the song on your TV screen and change color when it is time to sing those lyrics. There are NO video scenes (movies) in the background.
A CDG can be played on:

  • A normal CD player (however, no lyrics can be displayed on screen).
  • A standalone CDG Player, often called a 'karaoke machine'.
  • Some DVD players. Please check your products specifications.
  • Some computers with a compatible CD-ROM and a software CDG Player.

Please note that our CDG discs use the CD-R (recordable CD) format.
Please check that your player is compatible with CD-R before ordering!

DVD stands for 'Digital Versatile Disc' and is a disc the same shape and size as a CD that contains moving pictures and sound. SBI offers titles that have moving lyrics (song words) that will play on screen.
We use recordable DVD discs with video in NTSC format that can be played on:

  • Most standalone DVD players (but not all – please check with the manufacturer of your player).
  • Computers with a compatible DVD-ROM and a software DVD Player.

Please note that our DVD discs use the DVD-R or DVD+R (recordable DVD) formats and that the video footage is in NTSC format.
Please check that your player is compatible with your chosen format before ordering! You may also need to check that your television is compatible with NTSC signal if your DVD player doesn't include a format convertor

MP3+G is a computer file format that contains two files:

  • The first is a standard MP3 audio file playable by any MP3 computer program or MP3 compatible device.
  • The second is a graphics file in .cdg format that contains the song lyric information

In order to play the files so that the lyrics synchronize to the audio you need to use a compatible piece of software. We recommend Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder for Windows computers. You can get the software at
For Apple Mac computers kJams is hard to beat:
You can also burn the files to a CD using software such as Power CD+G Burner from This will allow you to then play the songs on a CD+G compatible player. Please note that not all CD drives can support CD+G files. Your drive has to be MMC-compatible and has to support DAO/96 mode, although most modern drives do support these.

The price of each track appears next to the information about each title when you search the catalogue. There may be a charge for shipping (see the other FAQ question) and tax depending on your location and the choices you make for your order. These will be clearly displayed upon checkout. If you wish to check how much an order will cost before you buy, please feel free to add items to the cart to calculate your total. You are under no obligation to buy until you complete checkout and make your payment.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is sales tax which is currently 20% and only applied if you reside in an EU country. If you reside in other countries no VAT will be applied to your order.

In most instances our tracks are available for download as soon as you've completed the checkout and payment process. However, our sales team may need to send some titles to you manually by email. This usually happens the same day or next working day after your order. Note that tracks that need to be sent by email are clearly marked on the track information page (there is a notice in bold red lettering informing that they need manual dispatch).

As a rough guide to delivery time, please see below:

MP3 and MP3+G Download Orders:

You will receive your download links in a second email after placing your
order and receiving confirmation. Alternatively you can log in to your
account and use the download links for your order there.

MP3 and MP3+G orders with songs pending competition:

These are sent same day or next working day. We use a file delivery service
called yousendit and you will receive an email from them containing the
download link(s). If you do not receive this link please check your
junk/spam folders. If there are any delays a member of staff will contact


Once orders are complete with any songs that maybe pending completion they
are then sent the same day or next working day and usually take 1 to 3
working days to arrive to a UK address. International orders can take from 1
to 2 weeks for delivery. Sometimes this can be longer due to postal delays
or delays with customs. Please note that once an order has left our despatch
department deliveries are then down to the postal service and out of our

You can see a demo of some of our videos on the home page providing you have Flash installed (most computers do). At the moment we don't have sample videos for each individual track, but wherever possible there will be a sample of the audio alongside the track details.

We do not sell sheet music. If you want to purchase it we suggest that you try a site such as this one.

Yes - the license you purchase allows you to use the tracks in any format. So you can transfer the files to your media player, another computer or burn them to a disc. If in any doubt please ask us. In all cases however you may not give the tracks to another person or party for free or for a fee.

All recordings supplied by SBI are copyrighted, and you must not duplicate, lend, hire out, broadcast, resell the tracks, or in any way breach the licensing agreement without further permission from SBI. We grant you the right to burn downloaded files to the format of your choice for your own personal use.

We are aware that certain other companies have different policies but our policy is clear. If you are using a download that was purchased legally from ourselves or our legitimate agents and/or partners, we grant personal use in the same way as it would be granted if you purchased a physical CD or DVD.

Personal use includes use professionally as a KJ employed at a venue or by a venue if the purchaser is the venue PROVIDED that all relevant and existing licenses and fees have been obtained and paid.

Yes – you (or the party broadcasting or using our track) will need to contact us and arrange an additional license.

We try to supply all titles with definite endings but in some cases they may already have faded endings. In that situation if you let us know that it fades we will send the track back to the studio to have a proper ending added. In this way we will eventually eliminate all fading tracks.

We currently don't offer a subscription membership, however we are willing to consider any customer's ideas for possible future features.

We currently only offer the titles in the available listed versions. If you would like tracks without backing vocals, different instrumentation or keys please check out our sister website for professional singers:

Firstly, make sure that you are logged into your account when you fill your shopping cart. Then the next time you log in you will be asked to choose between two options:

YES - restore my old shopping cart and replace my current one.
NO - keep the items in my current shopping cart.

Choosing YES will restore your shopping cart. Please note that this may not work 100% of the time due to some web browser configurations which could prevent our server from being able to store the required information. So we recommend that you also save a copy of the list of songs elsewhere for your convenience in such an event.

Currently we charge £1.28 for shipping within the UK, and £6 for International shipping (plus any VAT where applicable). There is no shipping charge for downloaded orders of course!

For file download orders there is no minimum. However if you require your tracks on a disc (sent to you in the post) there is a minimum order of 5 tracks. We reserve the right to change the minimum order number at any time.

Website related questions

Yes, of course. In line with GDPR laws we can delete your personal account details from our servers. To do this please drop us an email at sales [at] sbiglobal [dot] com and we will remove your account.

You can change your email address and password by clicking here or by clicking "My Account", then "Edit".

To change other contact details click here.

You can change your contact details by clicking here or by clicking "My Account", then "Edit" and "Personal Information".

You can also change your email address and password by clicking here.

Please send us a message using the contact form and select "Website feedback" in the category menu.



We have an extensive frequently asked questions section which should help you with any queries. You can also suggest a question for our F.A.Q.



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